Don provides the following services: Speaking | Consulting | Lobbying

Public and written advocacy for environmentally responsible use of natural resources:

Don Stuart is an advocate for a balanced, cooperative, politically sustainable approach to dealing with environmental issues in natural resource businesses like agriculture and commercial fisheries. He believes such an approach will result in economically healthy farm and fishing industries and in a clean, sustainable environment. If we continue down the road we’re on today, we will end up with neither.

His nonfiction books and research and advocacy papers promote an environmentally sustainable world in which we humans carefully manage and protect our planet’s natural capital while still making sustainable use of what it has to offer. These include:

  1. Barnyards and Birkenstocks: Why Farmers and Environmentalists Need Each Other – published by Washington State University Press – 2014
  2. No Farms, No Food: Uniting Farmers and Environmentalists to Transform American Agriculture — to be published by Island Press in April, 2022
  3. Research and advocacy papers published in the Research and Writings section of this website

Fiction entertainment through the Washington Statehouse Mystery series, including;

Don is also a writer of fiction, specifically a mystery series set at the Washington State Legislature featuring protagonist, Sandy Dalton, a contract lobbyist who represents conservation minded farmers, land trusts, and the commercial salmon fishing industry. His fiction works include. These mystery novels deal with the public policy arena around natural resources and the environment, presenting some of the extant issues in the form of mystery entertainment.

  1. Final Adjournment – published in 2017 by Epicenter Press
  2. Suspension of the Rules – published in July, 2021 by Epicenter Press under its Northwest Corner Books imprint
  3. Censure and Repeal – Not yet accepted for publication

Various internet and social media publications of broad interest:

Don’s experiences in fishing, agriculture, and the maritime trades are reflected on some miscellaneous publications of a more general nature.

Building an Electric Power Cruiser by converting an old sailboat hull to electric power – This is a YouTube video that shows how this was done. The boat was first launched back in 2009.